What should the guys be wearing for Spring?

23 Jan

In the past few weeks, I’ve had a quite a number of my guy friends contact me, in person and via text message, wondering what they should be wearing this spring. I know a lot of my past posts have been geared towards women, so I wanted to do something just for my guys. So in this post I’m going to give you 3 event scenarios and a couple of trends per scenario. Hope you guys enjoy!!!

1: Work

Most of the guys I know work in an office setting, but I’ll include a few examples for my guys who happen to work in positions that allow them to be just a tad more “hip”. The key to dressing for work is to always have that professional polish. Whether you’re working in an accounting office, a fashion studio, or behind the microphone at a radio station, it’s very important to look like you’re going to work. Although a lot of jobs, especially in New York City, have what most would consider a “lax” dress code, it’s important to look like you care about where you’re going, and its the quickest way to stand out.

Corporate Office:

So if you work in an office, say in accounting, finance, or law, you have a little less wiggle room to be “fashion forward”. Its important in these environments to present yourself in THE most professional manner possible. You may not be able to bend where the suit is concerned, but you have the luxury of mixing things up a bit with your “suit accessories”. Your shirts, ties, and shoes are going to be your “fashion forward in”. Choose bold colors, prints, and textures for these pieces to mix things up a bit. From unexpected color choice to interesting fabric choice and print these things are sure to give you a fashion edge in a world where all suits look the same.

Now, for my guys who work in a more “hip” office setting you have quite a few more options. You have more leeway with color and print on your actual suit. A tie is an option, not a necessity, and you can go crazy with the shoe choice and maybe even wear a hat. Some big colors for men this spring were the pastels, (baby blues, lavenders, soft pinks and greens) and then the pop of red. A red stripe, a red accessory, but just a pop. Some of my favorites for my Hipster office male were from Gucci’s Spring 2012 Menswear Collection. You can check out examples in the Gallery.

2: Day Out

A day out in the city is an easy occasion to get dressed for. You want to wear something comfortable, and something that looks appropriate for a walk in the park. This spring I suggest tons and tons of color! Not much different for spring trends for women, color-blocking and pastels seem to be among the top trends for spring. As always you guys can go with the jeans and t-shirt look, but why not shake things up and sub a colored chino for your dusty denim? Also, don’t forget the spring staple white pant. When paired with a bold colored short sleeve dress shirt and a nice leather jacket you’re ready for a nice walk on the beach before summer hits. The key to this look is finding a nice relaxed chino or jean. Don’t be afraid to play with color! it will make you stand out, even among those fresh bloomed flowers in the park. Grab a nice pair of leather sandals and you’re ready to go.  I found some of the best examples in the Dsquared Spring 2012 Menswear Collection. Examples in the gallery.

3: Date Night Out

Who says a date means super stuffy clothes? If you’re going out in spring, I hope you’re spending as much time out in the beautiful weather as possible. Night time does not dictate the color black, ESPECIALLY in spring. Be sure to incorporate those pastels and soft colors into your nighttime wardrobe as well. Here you’ll want to opt for denim instead of the chino, and a loafer instead of the sandal, but keep the same relaxed feel. Spring is fresh and new. You should look the same. I found some awesome example in Balmain’s Spring 2012 Menswear collection. Check them out in the gallery!

So that covers it! Three normal scenarios where you guys can mix it up a bit! I hope this information was helpful!! Leave a comment if there’s any other questions you had, or shoot me an email at !! See you guys next time!!!

😉 Nandi K.

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  1. Chabri

    January 23, 2012 at 6:29 pm

    i lovethe chino and tshirt look and the 2 after that =) xo


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