Up & Coming: WU Clothing

11 Feb
Up & Coming: WU Clothing

Jacksonville, FL is home to the NFL Jaguars and not much else. However, the past few years, Duval county has had a creative turn for the best. Models, clothing designers, photographers, and a slew of other creatives have been emerging from the Floridian streets. I had the pleasure of chatting with Bennie of Wu Clothing, an emerging T-shirt line making quite a buzz. He let me in on his inspiration for the line, and just a few future plans. I initially planned to put Bennie’s words into article form, but I really like his answers and don’t wish to taint their authenticity in any way. I hope it inspires you as much as it did me.

“I designed my first tee when I was 16 for a brand I co-founded named SAND. The tee said “Sand is radical” with 4 dots surrounding it. When you connected the dots, it said “fuck you”. I did all the work by hand and as you could imagine, in high school, it was a hot seller. The brand fizzled out and obviously became unfinished business for me.

Then WU was born, originally called Westside University, in ode to the side of Duval County where I learned all the things school didn’t teach me.  Inspired by the spirit of the hustle acquired in my teenage years, I felt the need to inspire. I think deep down I just wanted to be like the philosophers and poets that have inspired me to this point. I just want to create great looking product with the substance most streetwear brands lack . 

I do all the graphic design and have a great print team helping me make the magic. I’ve recently been working with a lot of local businesses such as Combat Athletix, T-Roy from 93.3, and Evaliz Fotografia to name a few.

I plan on expanding into accessories after the launch of the site, which is undergoing it’s last tweaks as we speak. is looking so fucking good and it’s tailor made by Mr. David Miller over at Beta Images. It’s scheduled to launch in the next few days, complete with store, blog, and much more.

I will feature as much stuff I can possibly fit into it, ranging from pics of beautiful women to videos featuring local movers and shakers. I’m wrapping up production on the first promo video in the next week featuring local rapper Swordz, fighter James Smiley, and couple other people that definitely deserve the spot.

A rule over at the WU Camp is to never use variable terms, meaning we do not try or hope, we simply do. With that being said, expect nothing short of greatness. We’re here to break rules and piss people off. Hustle harder my friends”!

Inspiring a lifestyle with branding is exactly what the fashion industry is about. Fashion reflects the generation of now. Though we often finds remnants from the past, we manage to make it relatable to this generation. I am truly inspired by this brand and the lifestyle is seeks to promote. Check them out on Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr, just click the links below.

Twitter: @wuclothing

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