Artist Spotlight: Listen to ROGER

31 Mar
Artist Spotlight: Listen to ROGER

What’s up everybody?! I’m back with yet another Artist Spotlight on Emousse! I know its been awhile but I’m back with a treat for you!! I got one of my favorite artist, Roger, to take some time to give us a glimpse into him as a person, and him as an artist. He’s an extraordinarily talented artist from the Rhode Island music circuit, and VERY easy on the eyes if he doesn’t mind me saying 😉 I’m so glad he was able to find time in his busy schedule, to share with us. It was a real pleasure!!

 I feel that a lot of us don’t know Roger the person. Tell us a little about yourself

-Roger is a kid with huge aspirations, from the smallest state on the map, Providence, RI. He’s someone who doesn’t give up. Someone who isn’t afraid of failure. Someone who looks at being the underdog as a good thing. I’m Italian, so naturally I’m witty. It’s part of my charm but also part of my attitude. I got a chip on my shoulder. The next project ‘Nice Guys Finish Last’ is really going to tell the story of ROGER.

You’re another artist that I love from Rhode Island. What’s the music scene like up there?

– The music scene is a direct reflection of the culture out here. Very diverse. There’s a little taste of everything. You could support a progressive hip hop artists like Jon Hope or a cross over artists like Theo Martins or if that’s not your cup of tea you could listen to something more hood oriented like Yung Cam and Cesar Luciano, both of which I’m big fans of. It doesn’t stop there. Falside and Juan Deuce have broken into the blogosphere recently with a modern twist to the traditional boom bap hip hop. Crucial from Pawtucket, is one of my favorites, he’s probably the most commercially appealing yet versatile artists out here. Pick your poison. There’s A LOT of dope music. But first LISTEN TO ROGER (cheap plug haha).

Who are your top 5 musical inspirations?

-Jay-Z, Kanye West, Eminem, Pharrell, and Ludacris. No particular order.

 hahaha. How did you decide that you wanted to pursue a music career?

-Growing up I never thought I’d be pursuing a music career. I thought I was gonna be this famous NFL player. I had my dreams set on sports but during high school my dreams shifted. I used to be the kid with the mixtapes before everyone else. I just loved music. New music, all kinds of music. One of my friends (Leo Breeze) who was a rapper at the time kind of convinced me to start. I used to do it as a hobby, freestyling in the car with friends. We made a few songs, did a couple shows. Nothing too big. Then in 2003 I got arrested. That’s the exact moment I thought, maybe I should be pursuing music instead of getting in trouble with the law.

What career path would you be on if you had decided against doing music?

I’ve never really thought about it. There’s no plan b for me. Although I do have a degree in Film. Either way, I’m still in entertainment.

You recently changed your name, what inspired that?

– It’s really just something that comes natural to me. I never had a nickname growing up, I could never think of a super cool rap name or live out this idea of a character (rap star). It’s something I’ve thought about doing for quite some time but it wasn’t until I went to A3C in Atlanta last year that I recognized it would be the best move for my career as an artist.

I was extremely happy to see that you finally released the video for “Don’t Make It Seem” (one of my favorite tracks from No Greater Love). What was the initial inspiration behind the track.

-I know a lot of people say this and it’s THE most cliché line EVER but “this is the realest shit I’ve ever wrote.” I say that because it’s based on true events. It’s the story of my relationship. The break up between me and a girl who I loved for 4 years. Along with all the consequences and emotions of being apart. Every line in that song is true, at least from my perspective. It’s my ‘take me back’ song.

Tell us a little about LJC. I love his voice, and I really love watching his amazing progress as a producer. 

-He’s probably the most talented person I know. It just comes natural to him. I’d be scared to see what he becomes if he ever had the proper platform or resources. He truly understands music and one of the best parts about working with him is his ability to understand where you are in life and what record suits you at the moment. We created ‘Don’t Make It Seem’ because he knew every detail of my relationship, he knew I wanted her back and he knew I had been looking for the right record. Also, one thing many people don’t know or don’t believe is the fact that he DOES NOT sample. Funny thing is, he don’t even know how. Doesn’t know the first place to start. All his production comes from these ideas inside his head. There’s no derivative work. Obviously he has influences but the fact that he can come up with things from scratch is simply amazing.

I see that a lot of the artists from your area are using the same director for your videos, Colby Blanchet. What is it about his directing style that attracts you to him?

-He’s extremely easy to work with. He’s collaborating on ideas and trying to satisfy the artists vision instead of imposing his own. He’s not prideful. Of course he wouldn’t put his name on it if he didn’t stand behind the product but he wants to accomplish the vision of the artists first. Not only is he extremely talented but he’s much more than a video director. He’s going to go on and do great things in the world. I promise, if you ever get a chance look him up and see some of his other accomplishments. You probably expected me to talk about his editing techniques and camera angles but really it’s his vision of life. Great dude!

So what’s next music wise? I have to say, I REALLY want to hear some new music.

-Next is a project titled ‘Nice Guys Finish Last’ I won’t divulge too much information but it’s going to be a edgier version of my previous work. I worked really hard over the last year crafting it so I hope the fans and new listeners enjoy.

Thanks SoOOooOoO much Roger!!! I am soOo glad you made some time for us and I can’t wait to hear the new music!!!!






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