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Been Gone for a Minute…

Hey guys!!!

It’s been awhile since we last spoke, but fear not, for I am back!! There are a ton of things in the works on my end! I’ve been busy working and fashion week is on the horizon! Look out for new videos, more interviews and all the latest in fashion! Until then, keep up with me on my NYC adventures at !! There you’ll find my street fashion segment “Today on the Subway…” and my “Outfit of the Day”!!

As per usual, I’ll have some personal projects going. My “The World: How I See It” project where I highlight some very talented photographers and document the progress of their personal projects. And what’s Emousse without my “Artists Spotlight” where I feature artists from every nook and cranny of the industry that have captured my attention. So excited to let on some of my best kept secrets! 🙂

This fall is looking fabulous!! I hope you are STAYING fabulous, and you will be seeing my face very soon!!!

Au revoir for now!!!





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